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16" Dolls


Milly & Her Babydoll (#1048)

Available in September 1993—Suspended 1996

Milly & Her Babydoll is a pretty doll with short light blond curly hair and green eyes and wears a peach polka-dot dress with light green polka-dot sleeves and a white dotted apron. Milly carries her babydoll in a white box that is covered in hearts and filled with tissue paper. The babydoll that Milly carries is dressed identically to Milly and even has her hair styled the same as Milly’s hair, even down to the green polka-dotted bow. The tiny details of the babydoll is my favorite part of Milly—even though the babydoll is attached to the box with plastic tag ties, you can still see its little fingers, and when you pull off the shoes you even see toenails on the toes! (Secondary Market Value=$90-110!!)
Name: Milly & Her Babydoll

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