How to Take Care of Your Precious Moments Dolls

Originally the Precious Moments dolls were designed to be toys for children to play with. Knowing this, bejackieann.jpg (7824 bytes) assured that they certainly are durable enough for display. So, please, if you have the room, take your dolls out of the boxes and the bags and ENJOY them! That’s what they were made for. But, once they’re out, how can you keep them in mint condition?

If the doll’s vinyl body parts ever get dirty, first try cleaning spots with soap and water. If there are pen marks or permanant looking ink on the vinyl, first try to erase the spots with an pencil's eraser.   If this doesn't work, try a little fingernail polish remover on a dab of cotton or q-tip.  (Be careful around the eyes though!) 

Most of the doll clothes can be hand washed if needed or for delicate materials just spot wash with a good spot remover. If the clothes or accessories just have become dusty, the best solution is...tape!  Use scotch tape or duck tape to pick up all the dust off the doll's clothes.  --This works GREAT! 

What about the hair? Don’t forget that many of these dolls were meant for play, so most of them have rooted hair. If you’re gentle, for most of the dolls, it’s fine to gently brush or comb the hair with a vented brush or pick—really! If my doll’s hair ever gets truly dirty, I even wash it with shampoo!—Really! To put curls back in the hair, just style it with pin curls.

Sometimes a few strands of hair might come out during the first combing, but as long as it’s just a few, you’ll never notice it. Always be delicate, but it’s fine—shoot it’s FUN— to fix your dolls up and make them look fantastic.

As long as a doll has its original tag and certificate if appropriate and it is clean and not damaged or have missing parts, it is worth mint condition prices.

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