The 18" Jewel Doll Collection 
Introduced in 1996, these gorgeous 18" dolls were designed to represent the beautiful jewels that are mentioned in the Scriptures.   In Malachi 3:17, the "jewels" mean the Lord’s faithful ones. Each 18" doll was limited to only one year of production, includes the lovely white "Jewel" doll box shown, a certificate of authenticity, and a beautifully written "Precious Jewel" tag that includes a Biblical interpretation of each jewel’s name by Sam Butcher. Each doll is made of the finest quality materials including earrings and a ring on their finger. What a treasure!

Crystal--One of the first two jewel dolls created, along with Ruby. It was reported that only 1650 were produced. This gorgeous blue-eyed blond wears her hair straight and long and wears a long white gown.  Your Cost:  Only  $199.95

Beryl is the lovely doll with a yellow gown, long light brown hair & green eyes.

  Your Cost:  Only  $199.95

Amber is the pretty doll with auburn/red hair, brown eyes, and wears an amber dress.
  Your Cost:  Only  $199.95

Jasper is the elegant doll with long brunette hair and brown eyes that wears a maroon/wine colored gown.
  Your Cost:  Only  $199.95

Jade is the lovely oriental doll with a teal gown, black hair & brown eyes.

Opal is the pretty doll with blond hair, blue eyes, and wears an opalescent pink dress.

  Your Cost:  Only  $199.95

Sapphire is the elegant doll with brunette hair and blue eyes that wears a dark blue colored gown.

  Your Cost:  Only  $199.95

Ruby--One of the first two jewel dolls created, along with Crystal. It was reported that only 1400 were produced. This gorgeous brunette doll has brown eyes and wears a red dress and hat.

  Your Cost:  Only  $199.95

Pearl is the curly blond & blue-eyed doll that wears a long white gown.    Your Cost:  Only  $249.95

Desert Rose is the Native American doll that wears a genuine leather beaded gown.  Your Cost:  Only  $249.95

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