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We know that without you, we would be nothing. Thanks!

"Precious  moments are so cute and capture the joyful things in life . You can't help but smile when you see them.   I love everything about Precious Moments." --Cindy McGinnis

"I just wanted to thank you for putting out such a fantasitc web site on pm.  I can't tell you how long i have been trying to find such a feature.  I appreciate all the effort you have done and look forward to hearing about new items that become available.  I absolutely adore Precious moments and share that with my 21 month old daughter.  Out of all the material that is available in todays world, I am most impressed that there are other God fearing people who share their beliefs and your company is well respected from my point of view. 
Just to say thank you."  --Darlene Anthony

--Gloria Cooper

"I enjoy the messages Precious Moments send out.   The dolls are so beautiful and are so uplifting after a long hard days work.   Thank you for making this site for us collectors to enjoy.  Is is very beautiful!!"--Sharon Dean

"I love the variety and of course the tear drop eyes."--Wendy Gilman

alysha.jpg (346409 bytes)"The dolls are absolutely adorable and are appropriate for any occasion."--Gwen Piper

"I love the message they put out and they are the cutest, and prettiest collector's item."--Kristi Knesh


"I like the Precious Moments collectibles mostly because of the meaning and saying that they represent. The over all look of ther innocence and the pastel colors just makes me feel good when I look at them."--Kristi Turlington

"They are just so cute."--Carla Firkins

"Cute and gives me a wonderful feeling just by looking at them"
--Jeanette Tham

"I absolutely love your site.  I have been searching for this doll for weeks!  Everytime I thought I found it, I would call to order it and it would be another doll named "Charity", a victorian dressed doll.  Having the actual pictures available on your site was so helpful.  I will definately recommend your site to everyone I know! Thank you so much. You don't know how badly I wanted to find this doll. Thanks so much again."-- Andria Stewart

tina.jpg (421139 bytes)"They are so adorable"--.Mariela Villmancustomers.jpg (337536 bytes)

"I love everything that the company represents and the innocent faces on all the items."--Brenda Dahle

"They bring me joy by looking at them, and peace as well."--Angela Parker

"Everytime I feel blue I just look at one my p.m. and just get filled with the different message.  I think you have a great site.   I really enjoyed just looking at the many different dolls that you have to offer."--Laura Dejesus

"The dolls are beautiful and are quality products at reasonable prices."--Barbara Long

al29.jpg (19512 bytes)I like Precious Moments ..."Because they are so beautiful and they represent all that is good in the world.  Mainly because it is a wonderful collectible that isn't afraid to say believing in God is GOOD!"--Michelle Mah

"Thank you sooooooooooo much.  I just wanted to let you know the doll
arrived today safe and sound.  Your service is superb.  Thanks again."--Kathy Zisek

"They are so pretty.  I love all the different looks they can have.  I also love that most of them have a special story behind them.  I also have a two year old that looks like Gracie Blue.  My dad calls her "Precious Moments""--Allison Sizemore

"Thanks very much for the order....it arrived today....and I love the indian dolls! will not hesitate to order from Davis again Have a great rest of the week!"--Janis Fehr 



          Hi!  I'm Renee' Meglan, the webmaster of this site.  I thought that some of you might be curious about where all this information came from and who writes it.  That would be me.   Let me explain that I am not a designer of the dolls nor do I work for the Precious Moments Company, Inc. The pictures on this website and the descriptions are from me or Davis Enterprises and not directly from the Precious Moments Company.
          Instead, I am just like you...a Precious Moments Doll Fan and for many years now I have made collecting
me.jpg (160616 bytes) these adorable dolls a hobby that I thoroughly enjoy every day. One of my favorite sayings is this, "There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart...pursue those". My husband and I stop in flea markets, antique malls, and gift shops searching for dolls to add to our collection. My house is decorated with them everywhere. I am a member of a Precious Moments club and have made a lot of friends because of my hobby.
          Since my collection began, my family has become a Preferred Doll Retailer for the Precious Moments Company and I have been one of the more active family members in the business because of my love for the dolls. For the last several years all of us at Davis Enterprises have taken the Precious Moments Dolls to fairs, festivals and shows all across America, from Arizona to New York, and have made many friends and new doll collectors along the way.  It is such a joy to share my love for these dolls with others and to see other people enjoy them as I do too.
          I would love to hear any suggestions or comments that any of you might want to share with me!  Please e-mail me at renee@davisenter.com.

          Also, if anyone wants to read about what I learned about Faith and what to do when someone you love has cancer, please read this story about my dad's cancer.

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