This is the actual label that I scanned in:

Imitation is the truest form of flattery.

Formula One is one of the most copied thermogenic products in the marketplace to date. Many other dietary supplements have been compared to Formula One such as Metabolife, Metabolite, Trim Fast, Shape Up, Trim RX, and Learn-R-GY, just to name a few. Our company continues to receive testimonials from those who have "tried them all" and they tell us Formula One far surpasses any they have tried.

Why do others want to copy Formula One? Because it works! Formula One's thermogenic proprietary formulation works with your body to speed up metabolism, thereby causing the body to burn up stored fat. Remember, stored fat is what causes us to gain weight. When you over eat your body takes what it needs and "stores" the rest - result: Weight Gain! When you try to starve your body into losing weight, your body goes into a protective "starvation mode." In other words your body "hangs on" to the fat it has stored - Result: Weight Loss Is Prevented!

Formula One breaks this cycle and helps your body eliminate stored fat without the loss of lean muscle tissue. In fact, most consumers report firmer muscle tone. Another added bonus is in the increased energy and vitality you will feel. By increasing metabolism and burning up stored fat you will discover a new energy level that you probably haven't felt in a long time.


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