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Who is The Precious Moments Doll Superstore?

PDR.jpg (478919 bytes)We are more of a "Super-Warehouse" instead of a Superstore.  We are a huge Preferred Doll Retailer for the Precious Moments Company and have a warehouse.jpg (517902 bytes)warehouse of Precious Moments inventory that literally includes thousands of dolls.  Therefore, if you want it, we probably have it in stock.  We are located outside of the town of Hartville, MO, which is in the hills of the beautiful Ozarks.  We aren't from an area that would initialize high traffic to our retail establishment, but we do have telephones, fax machines, internet access, UPS and USPS service and these days, that's really all a company needs.  So back in 1995 we decided that instead of trying to bring people to our establishment out in the middle of nowhere, we will specialize in an excellent service-oriented mail order business and we will travel with our products to "a town near you".  We are the ones that you might have seen at your state fair or large festival that have more Precious Moments dolls than you've ever seen. Here's how you can reach us:booth1.jpg (398015 bytes)
PM Merchandise/Meglan Marketing
P.O. Box 353 , Hartville, MO 65667
Phone (417) 668-5836
Fax (417)668-5672

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But, here's a list of just some of the places you can find us at:

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Hi!  I'm Renee' Meglan, the webmaster of this site.  I thought that some of you might be curious about where all this information came from and who writes it.  That would be me.   Let me explain that I am not a designer of the dolls nor do I work for the Precious Moments Company, Inc. The pictures on this website and the descriptions are from me or Meglan Marketing and not directly from the Precious Moments
         me.jpg (160616 bytes) Instead, I am just like you...a Precious Moments Doll Fan and for many years now I have made collecting these adorable dolls a hobby that I thoroughly enjoy every day. One of my favorite sayings is this, "There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart...pursue those". My husband and I stop in flea markets, antique malls, and gift shops searching for dolls to add to our collection. My house is decorated with them everywhere. I am a member of a Precious Moments club and have made a lot of friends because of my hobby.
          Since my collection began, my family became a Preferred Doll Retailer for the Precious Moments Company and since then, my husband & I took the business because we enjoy the dolls so much.  For the last several years we have taken the Precious Moments Dolls to fairs, festivals and shows all across America, from Arizona to New York, and have made many friends and new doll collectors along the way.  It is such a joy to share my love for these dolls with others and to see other people enjoy them as I do too.
          I would love to hear any suggestions or comments that any of you might want to share with me!  Please e-mail me at   

--- Also, if anyone wants to read about what I learned about Faith and what to do when someone you love has cancer, please read this story about my dad's cancer.

Call us at (417) 668-5836

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