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I'm afraid
that it is becoming even more difficult to develop good, moral character traits in these progressive days of the 21st century, when we're all bombarded with the media's take on events and the horrific attitudes that exist today.  We could so easily drown in the mire of reports like these: "...he was strangled and brutally beaten", "...the mass grave was found only two miles away", "...the boys put their baby sister in the clothes dryer", "...Marilyn Manson's Bible ripping show excited the crowds", "...I will say it again...I never had sexual relations with that woman", "...the refugees say that mass rapings...,""...fifteen killed in school shooting today..."...(I could continue, but I'm sure that you know what I mean).  

How can we protect ourselves from all these horrible influences that permeate our society today? 

If you want to improve your character, be a good influence to others and avoid hate and anger from destroying you or those you love, then first, by all means, surround yourself and your loved ones with uplifting, positive reminders, like Precious Moments Dolls. 

Face it, it's obvious with today's violence and dishonesty at staggering levels that it's tough to motivate ourselves and those we love to practice kindness, love, and good morality because of all the garbage that we see everyday on TV, movies, video games, the news, the internet, etc. 
If we want to protect ourselves and those we love from these bad influences, we can either bury ourselves in a cave somewhere, or we need to at least consciously surround ourselves with positive messages and reminders of good and love. 

I especially want to emphasize this concept to the influences around our kids.  Remember that a ten-year-old of today must think that it is "normal" for politicians in high office to lie to millions of people and cheat on their wives; they must think that it is "normal" to have nasty words and images in music and videos; they must think that it is "normal" to have multiple school shootings!--Don't discount this concept as irrational, the kids of today MUST think this is all "normal" because they have nothing in their life's history to truly compare it to.  We do--we remember "Happy Days", "Leave it to Beaver", "Scooby-Doo", the Carpenters, the Beach Boys, days where all of our friend's moms were home after school to make us peanut butter sandwiches and let us play ball.  Today the kids hear Marilyn Manson, go to daycare, watch MTV and HBO.  This really is their "normal" because this is all that they've really had a chance al29.jpg (19512 bytes)to see.  Unless we as adults actively teach our youth to remember simple things like "innocence", "love", "honor", "tenderness", "gentleness" and all these things that MTV doesn't teach, then how are they to ever recognize it and practice it?  I truly believe that using Precious Moments Dolls, stuffed animals & videos, as well as other positive influences like it, can be a help.  (The Precious Moments figurines are great too, but you can't pick up and hug a figurine!) 

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With so many dolls to choose from, there's bound to be just the right one to fit in any room or to give to anyone--there are:

Why should you shop with Meglan Marketing & the Precious Moments Doll Superstore?

I know that you could collect anything these days, stamps, matchbox cars, Barbie-dolls, Beanie-babies, antiques, guns, porcelain dolls, or anything else that any store will stock.  You could spend your whole life on any of these collections for fun and profit.   But does a matchbox car give you that "awwhh" feeling every time that you see it like a Precious Moments does?

Don't decide now, just think about it for awhile.   Think about collecting or decorating with Precious Moments for yourself and those you love.  Look around the catalog and let the dolls touch your spirit and influence your attitude.  Think of those that might benefit from one of these sweet creations.   (For instance, I've given the 16" Doll, "Faith" (the pretty angel in lavender) to people that were in the hospital because I felt that they might need an extra bit of "Faith"--They loved it!) 

Have fun browsing, check out the catalog pages and the Freebies page and when you're ready to place an order, just give us a call, fax or use the online shopping cart for quick shipment.
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