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If you ever tried The Original Formula One, you know how wonderful the product was. There was a great concern if The Original formula One could be reformulated and provide the same results. Well the "weight" is over. Natural Nutrition has done it, they've reformulated the product and it's better than ever.

Natural Nutrition's "The # 1 Formula" has been carefully developed to answer to the modern dilemma of staying healthy by helping you stay fit and keeping the body in proper balance.

An adult dietary supplement with Chromium Picolinate and Chromium Proteinate. Nine out of ten people do not get enough Chromium. When this important mineral gets into the body, along with the synergistic blend of natural herbal ingredients in the The # 1 Formula, wonderful things start to happen:


Body fat can be reduced without loss of lean muscle
Blood glucose and cholesterol is decreased
Craving for sweets is greatly diminished
Increases metabolism and burns calories
Reduces the appetite


If you're serious about looking better, feeling better, having more energy and losing a few pounds and inches, now's the time to reach for The # 1 Formula.


What makes Formula One SO effective???

  • Chromium Picolinate and Chromium Proteinate --Chromium is a trace mineral that can help reduce body fat and increase energy production.  It is also known to suppress the appetite, reduce cravings  for sweets, and build lean body tissue.  Studies show it may increase longevity and help to fight osteoporosis.***

  • Bitter Orange Extract****--  Bitter orange extract works in much the same way as ephedra and while the jury is still out on whether it's safer than ephedra, health and nutrition experts who believe it is point to it's distinct benefits including its ability to:  1. Lower production of cholesterol;  2. Suppress appetite;  3. Increase the body's production of heat (thermogenesis); and  4. Reduce the conversion of carbohydrates into fat.  

  • Kola Nut Extract* --Promotes blood circulation, aids digestion, improves energy and alertness.

  • Ginger Root* --Reduces cholesterol and lowers blood pressure.

  • White Willow Bark Extract* --Believed to reduce blood sugar (glucose).

  • Ginko Bilboa Leaf* --Increases blood flow to the brain and heart muscles.

  • Saw Palmetto Berry** --Can stimulate, improve digestion, increase assimilation, assist thyroid in regulating sexual development and proper prostrate function in men.

  • Hawthorne Berry* --Helps limit the amount of cholesterol deposited in artery walls.

  • Fo-Ti Root** --Used to aid the removal of cholesterol from the blood, useful for the kidneys, liver, heart, protecting them with healthy low cholesterol blood.

  • Beet Powder** --Can be beneficial to the liver by removing cholesterol from the blood and improving circulation.

  • Boron Proteinate** --Has remarkable effect on the body by conserving calcium and preventing bones demineralization.

  • Troysine (as Ltyrosine) ***** -- L-tyrosine is a nonessential amino acid (protein building block) that the body synthesizes from phenylalanine, another amino acid. Tyrosine is important to the structure of almost all proteins in the body. It is also the precursor of several neurotransmitters, including L-dopa, dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. Why do dieters use it?  Helps stimulate weight loss.

  • Banaba Leaf Extract****** --It has been used for centuries as a diet-aid to slim bodies, for high blood-sugar control, to heal mouth ulcers and abdominal pain. Its active ingredient is known as corosolic acid and studies have shown it to significantly enhance glucose transport. Corosolic acid activates the “shuttle” that attracts glucose molecules, which are then transported into cells for energy, thus stabilizing blood glucose levels.A clinical study conducted recently at the Institute of Biomedical Research in Bradenton, Florida concluded, “The average blood glucose level dropped 31.9% with a 32 mg banaba leaf extract dose per day after 30 days.”
    Studies on non-diabetics indicated that blood glucose levels were not affected by banaba leaf extract supplementation. Banaba leaf extract has been shown to be safe without any adverse side effects.Reported Benefits from Banaba Leaf Extract Clinical Study

    • Lowering blood glucose levels an average of 31.9% in type 2 diabetics
    • Regaining blood glucose balance in type 2 diabetics.
    • Subjects lost an average of 4.8 lbs. in a 30-day period.
    • Lower Blood Cholesterol Levels
    • Improved Memory Function

* Michael Castleman, The Healing Herbs, the Ultimate Guide, Bantam Books 1991
** Richatson, Jack N.D., The Little Herb Encyclopedia, Woodland Publishing 1995
***Prescription for Nutrition Healing 2nd Edition

  Read the label and follow directions.

Here's what others say about Formula One:

"The day I started taking the original Formula I weighed 223 pounds and my waist size was 38. In one month my weight was 185 and my waist size was 34. I also noticed my body had really firmed up." ...Bobby DeLarios

"The first day I took it, without even trying to curb my diet, I skipped lunch and when I came home from work I asked my wife to just make a light dinner.  Amazing."  ...Mike Coatney

"I have always had trouble falling asleep while I drive, but now I don't have that problem when I take Formula One.  It keeps me awake and helps me stay alert, when coffee and caffeine never could.  I also now have less of an appetite and drink more water.  It's by far the very best supplement I've ever tried--and I've tried a lot of them." ...Marcia Davis

"I really felt the extra energy the FIRST DAY that I took it.   This product allows me to give 110% instead of just 100% to both my business and my family."...Renee' Meglan

"I noticed a difference in energy the first day.  It's important for me to control my diet because I've always had a weight problem and Formula One really controls my appetite.  It helps."  ...James Anthony

"People ask me how do I stay so slim.   I tell them it's Formula One.  The energy is great too!  It's like a battery in a bottle and a perfect way to jumpstart my day or give me energy when I feel tired and run down.  I'm glad that the original formula is back!"...Tabetha Jones

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You owe it to yourself to feel better,
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  The Original Formula One is not for sale to persons under the age of 18.   By entering an order for The Original Formula One you verify that you are 18 years of age or older.

The State of Texas requires the following warning:
This product has ephedrine in the form of herbal extracts and may cause serious adverse effects. Read the label and follow directions.

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