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Clown Dolls

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Petal PowerYour Price Each:  $29.95Balloon Surprises

Petal Power (#4288)

Description:  These adorable 12" vinyl dolls are perfect to brighten anyone's day - And what a great Birthday Present!   So cute!

Mandy the MagicianMandy the Magician (#4255)

Produced 2002—Still in Production

This adorable blue eyed blond clown doll wears an adorable black tuxedo and top hat...with a rabbit sticking out of it!  Absolutely adorable!

Your Cost:  $36.00

Stripes the Clown (#4214)

Produced 2001 —Limited Edition of Only 5000 Pieces

Stripes the Clown has light blue yarn hair and wears a lavender and purple striped satin costume.  Adorable!

Your Cost:  $34.95

Hearts the Clown (#4213)

Produced 2001—Limited Edition of Only 5000 Pieces

Hearts the Clown has purple yarn hair, wears a white hat and a bright yellow satin costume, and literally wears her heart on her sleeve (and pants too!)

Your Cost:  $34.95

Cotton Candy
& Buttons the Clowns
(#1304 & #1305)
Available in 1999—

Only 5000 "Buttons" and "Cotton Candy" were produced!

Buttons Only $34.95

Cotton Candy is Out Of Stock!

pom.jpg (8232 bytes)Pom Pom the Clown (#1377)

Available April 1998——
Limited to Only 7500 Pieces

Your Cost:  $34.95

Lollipop the Clown(#1378)
lolli.jpg (8786 bytes)
Available April 1998—— Limited to Only 7500 Pieces & sold out quickly at PMC

Your Cost:  $99.95


Amore the Clown (#1600)

Available in 1999—Limited Edition of Only 1500

This adorable 26" PDR doll is the limited edition clown named Amore.

Your Cost:  $129.95

Happy the Clown (#1214)

Available in 1995—Limited to Only 7500 Pieces
The 16" Classic Happy doll will surely make anyone smile!

Your Cost:  $249.95

Clown Pajama Bags (#1015)

Available in 1991—Suspended in 1995
These clown dolls are equipped with a string to hang her up with and is dressed in an adorable pink and white or blue and white clown costume including a stocking cap.

Your Cost:  Each Only $69.95

Taffy & Toto (#D005 & #D006)

Available in 1985--Suspended 1988
Taffy & Toto the Clown was one of the first ten Precious Moments dolls ever made by the Jonathan David Company.

Your Cost:  Each Only $299.95

  Jules (#1209)

Available in 1999— Limited Edition of Only 1000
Your Cost:  $249.95


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