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The Precious Collections I
(8 adorable 16" dolls)

The Precious Collections II
(10 adorable 16" dolls)

The 16" Mommy I Love You Series
(8 adorable 16" dolls)

The 16" Sweetheart Series
(8 adorable 16" dolls)

The 16" Victorian Series
(4 adorable 16" dolls)

The 16" Pearls & Lace Series
(1 adorable 16" doll)

The 16" Exclusive Dolls
(10 adorable 16" dolls--including the stocking doll series)

The 16" Classic Collection
(20 + adorable 16" dolls)

The 16" Preferred Doll Retailer Series
(6 adorable 16" dolls)

AnnieAnnie (#1143)

Available in 2000—Suspended January 2001
This adorable 16" doll has black hair styled in two braids, brown eyes and wears a blue denim jumpsuit.

Your Cost:  $39.95


Precious BabiesCaucasian Baby Doll (#1108--Light Skin) 
Hispanic Baby Doll (#1109--Light Brown Skin)
African-American Baby Doll (#1117--Dark Brown Skin)

Available in 1997—Suspended 1999
The 16" baby dolls have sculpted hair and wear little white diapers underneath their sleepers. The entire doll is soft & cuddly except for the vinyl head and hands.  So cute!

Your Cost:  Caucasian & Hispanic dolls... $79.95
African-American doll...$39.95

Precious BabiesBaby Dolls in Polka Dots--
White Baby Doll
(#1066) &
Light Brown Baby Doll (#1067)
Dark Brown Baby Doll (#1067)

Available in 1993—Suspended 1996
These Baby Dolls are soft, cuddly and simply adorable!

Your Cost:  White & Light Brown dolls... $79.95
Dark Brown  doll...$39.95


Barbara JohnsonBarbara Johnson Doll (#1145)

Available in 2000—Limited to 1 Year Production
This "Precious" doll is made in the image of the inspirational author, Barbara Johnson, who is sometimes referred to as "the geranium woman".

Your Cost:  $59.95


BethanyBethany (#1023)

Available in 1991—Suspended 1995
Bethany is the sweet Southern Belle with black curly hair and dark skin and eyes

Your Cost:  $79.95


Bill & MarthaBill & Martha (#1118 & #1085)

Available in 1996—Suspended 1998
Bill looks great with his pal Martha!

Your Cost:
Each Only $59.95


BrittanyBrittany (#1131)

Available in July 1998—Suspended January 2001
Brittany is the pretty African-American doll that wears a precious long green, pink and white calico print dress.

Your Cost:  $49.95


CaseyCasey (#1022)

Available in July 1991—Suspended 1996
Casey is the sweet little baseball player that plays on the Precious Moments baseball team!   Also, see Casey's sister, Tracey, the baseball player!

Your Cost:  $79.95


CharityCharity (#1127)

Available in April 1998—Suspended 1999
The doll’s proceeds were dedicated to the Ronald McDonald House of the Four States for the year of 1999.

Your Cost:  $49.95


Christening BabyChristening Baby (#1099)

Available in January 1999—Retired 2002
Thiis lovely Christening Baby has big blue Precious Moments eyes and wears an absolutely gorgeous white satin gown trimmed ornately with lace and a matching hat.  Can be personalized too!

Your Cost:  $74.95

ColinColin (#1024)

Available in November 1991—Suspended in 1996
Colin is the sweet blue-eyed blond boy that wears a light blue overall shorts with a matching bow tie and green and blue plaid shirt and matching hat. The Colin doll   matches the Katie doll.

Your Cost:  $79.95


ColleenColleen (#1089)

Available in 1995—Suspended in 1998
This lovely doll is bright and cheery and will make any lad or lass smile! Colleen is the doll with big bright red curly hair and has green eyes and wears a pretty dark green floral dress.

Your Cost:  $59.95

CuddlesCuddles (#1116)

Available in 1997—Still in Production
Cuddles is the soft and sweet doll that is dressed in the white lamb outfit. Cuddles has short curly blond hair and big blue teardrop eyes.

Your Cost:  $39.95


Dawn & RagdollDawn & Ragdoll (#1057)

Available in June 1993—Suspended in 1996
This is such a cute pair with great details!  Dawn wears big light blue fuzzy slippers on her feet and carries a sweet little ragdoll that even has its own underpants! (Secondary Market Value=$90-110!!)

Your Cost:  $59.95


DelaneyDelaney (#1046)

Available in July 1997—Suspended 1998
Delaney wears a red plaid dress and matching hat and carries a basket of apples. Delaney has green eyes and long straight dark blond hair.

Your Cost:  $59.95


DustyDusty (#1043)

Available in January 1993—Suspended 1996
Dusty is the little boy doll that is dressed as a train engineer and comes with a little toy train to play with.

Your Cost:  $79.95


EllieEllie (#1086)

Available in 1995—Suspended 1998
Ellie is a blue-eyed blond doll that wears her hair in low ponytails, and wears pink floral print and white eyelet lace dress with a matching hat.

Your Cost:  $89.95


EricaErica (#1120) 

Available in 1997—Exclusively for Wegman’s Grocery Stores
Most collectors never knew she existed and once they did, Erica became a well sought after doll that is very hard to find.

Your Cost:  $119.95


Gracie BlueGracie Blue (#1100)

Available in 1996—Limited to 1 Year Production
This adorable 16" Gracie Blue doll was made in honor of a real little girl named Gracie Blue that inspired Precious Moments creator Sam Butcher.  She wears a blue calico print "country" dress, has brown ponytails and brown eyes on her cute vinyl face.  (Secondary Market Value=$70-90!!)

Your Cost:  $59.95


Gramma's SweetieGramma’s Sweetie (#1104)

Available in 1996—Retired 1998
This sweet Gramma’s Sweetie doll carries a train ticket to Gramma’s house too!

Your Cost:  $69.95


HeatherHeather (#1708)

Available in May 1990—Still in Production
Heather is the adorable, soft and cuddly doll with big blue eyes and short blond curly hair that wears a plush pink bunny suit.

Your Cost:  $39.95


Jackie AnnJackie Ann & Patch (#1038)

Available in October 1992—Retired 1997
Jackie Ann is the sweet cowgirl that wears a light blue skirt and vest, a white cowboy hat and cowboy boots! Jackie Ann has her friend, Patch, the stick horse with her.

Your Cost:  $79.95


Jenny & JordanJenny & Jordan (#1012 & #1013)

Available in 1990—Retired April 1992
Jenny & Jordan are the beautiful babies dressed in cream colored christening gowns.

Your Cost:  Each Only $279.95


Jeremy BunnyJeremy Bunny (#1722)

Available in 1994—Retired 1999
Jeremy is the adorable, soft and cuddly doll with big blue eyes and straight blond hair that wears a plush white bunny suit.

Your Cost: $99.95


JeremyJeremy (#1147)

Available April 2000—Suspended January 2001
This cute 16" doll has dark brown hair, blue eyes, and is an angel ready to shoot some hoops! (This doll was created in honor of a real teenager named Jeremy that died in a car accident.)

Your Cost:  $44.95


JoshJosh (#1709)

Available in May 1990—Retired 1991
Josh is the adorable, soft and cuddly doll with big blue eyes and straight blond hair that wears a plush blue bunny suit. Josh was only produced for one year and is quite hard to find these days.

Your Cost:  $259.95


Jesus Loves Me BoyJesus Loves Me GirlJesus Loves Me Boy & Girl (#1097 & #1098)

Available in 1998—Suspended 2000
These adorable Precious Moments boy & girl dolls were made to look like the figurines and hold their little friends close to their hearts. Just adorable!

Your Cost:
Each Only $49.95

Jesus Loves Me Boy & GirlJesus Loves Me Boy & Girl (#D001 & #D002)

Available in 1984—Suspended 1988
The Jesus Loves Me Boy & Girl are the first two vinyl dolls ever produced by Jonathon and David Company.

Your Cost:  Each Only $259.95

KatieKatie (#1025)

Available in November 1991—Retired September 1996
Katie is the cute blue-eyed blond girl that wears a short pink dress with pastel plaid sleeves and bow and a cute matching hat. The Katie doll matches the Colin doll. (Secondary Market Value=$90-110!!)

Your Cost:  $49.95


KerriKerri (#1026)

Available in July 1991—Suspended July 1993
Kerri has big brown eyes and straight black hair and has a tuft of hair pulled up in a ponytail on the top of her head and fastened with a pink bow.

Your Cost:  $149.95


MargaretMargaret (#1094)

Available in April 1996—Suspended 1998
Margaret is the Precious Moments doll that looks like she’s ready for school with her little blue schoolbook in hand.

Your Cost:  $59.95


Milly & Her BabydollMilly & Her Babydoll (#1048)

Available in September 1993—Suspended 1996
Milly & Her Babydoll is a pretty doll carries her babydoll in a white box that is covered in hearts and filled with tissue paper.  (Secondary Market Value=$90-110!!)

Your Cost:  $59.95


Pink MissyMissy--1st Edition (Pink)  (#D007 & #1003a & #1003b)

JD Version Available in 1985—Retired 1988
PMC Version Available in 1989—Retired 1995
Pink Missy has her blond hair pulled up in two ponytails and tied up in pink bows, and wears a light pink satin dress with a white pinafore overlay.  This price is for the PMC version.

Your Cost:  $119.95

Blue MissyMissy--1st Edition (Blue) (#D008 & #1004)

JD Version Available in 1985—Retired 1988
PMC Version Available in 1989—Retired 1990
Blue Missy is a sweet little (14"-14" tall) blue-eyed blond doll that was one of the first nine dolls ever produced by the Jonathon and David Company and was later produced by PMC.

Your Cost:  $249.95

Missy 2nd EditionMissy--2nd Edition (#1092)

Available in 1995—Suspended 1998
This Missy has long light blond hair that is basically straight and wears a pastel pink and white dress adorned with a pink satin bow, white socks and white shoes trimmed with pink bows.

Your Cost:  $49.95


Missy 3rd EditionMissy--3rd Edition (#1093)

Available in July 1998—Still in Production
This Missy has her blond hair curled in ringlets and pulled up in a side ponytail and wears a bright royal blue dress.

Your Cost:  $44.95


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